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Update from our Finance Council

Our Going Deeper campaign is making good headway on our financial goal for 2014-15. Our dedicated community has stepped up with a generous spirit by increasing weekly donations, contributing through Parish Pay, and asking what other assistance is needed. We are developing a deeper culture of giving that is blessing our much-loved Newman Center and its mission. Thank you for your spirit.

Pope's New Years Resolutions

Before Christmas, Pope Francis met with the Vatican employees, asking them to do these 10 things.

Intramural Basketball

Come out and play IM Basketball on Thursdays at 9:00pm in RIMAC. No experience necessary - players of all skill levels welcome. Make new friends and strengthen bonds with old friends. Go, Crazy Catholics. (That not Go Crazy, Catholics.)

Relay For Life

The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life is an annual nationwide event which raises money for cancer research. The event at UCSD is on May 22 at Spanos Field. The Newman Center Team will be hosting bake sales after Mass in the coming weeks to help raise money for this event. If you have questions, would like to join our team, or would like to help out, please see Julia or David Berry after Mass.

Jewish Heritage Month on Campus

Our brothers and sisters in faith from Hillel invite us to join in some of their events this month.


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Wednesday: 8 PM
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