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Cultivating Our Faith

April’s Newman value, “Cultivating Our Faith,” can be seen as the foundation for the other Newman values, which are extensions of that faith. Ideally, at the Newman Center we are constantly encountering God and getting challenged to strengthen our relationship with God. However, there is only so much a parish or church community can do for our faith.  The rest must come from a personal desire to know God and grow closer to Him. St. Augustine said, “He who created us without our help will not save us without our consent.” God has given us resources to get to know Him, but He demonstrates His love for us in giving us the freedom to choose a relationship with Him.

A relationship with God is easier said than done, of course. It involves being vulnerable and honest with ourselves. I find that I struggle with both of these; I constantly have to check my pride and admit that I need God’s help. By challenging myself this Lenten season, I have been more willing to turn to God for help. Though Easter is approaching, I know that there are endless areas in my life that need to be more Christ-like, and I am eager to continue challenging myself and growing in faith.

Let us pray that we may desire to know God and that He may reveal Himself to us through His grace.

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