Responding to God’s Call: What We Know and Don’t Know

/Responding to God’s Call: What We Know and Don’t Know

Responding to God’s Call: What We Know and Don’t Know

March’s Newman Value is “Responding to God’s Call.” What is God’s call, and how do we respond to it? This is arguably one of the most challenging questions of our lives; we must answer it every day, and it never truly goes away.

Fr. Mike Schmitz says, “God is never going to ask you to make decisions based off of what you don’t know.” And this must be true, because we know God is just. So what do we know? We know what is in Scripture. In Matthew 22, Jesus directly tells us the greatest commandment is to love. We know he wants us to enter into a deeply intimate relationship with him – every Mass, as in his Passion, Jesus gives us himself in the most intimate entirety – his soul, his divinity, his body.

But what about “other things?” Why does it seem like God isn’t telling us anything? Maybe we don’t need to be told anything right now. A GPS typically will not say “Continue on this road” every 500 feet. It only updates you when you need the next direction. After Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive Jesus, “the angel departed from her” (Luke 1:38). One can only imagine the uncertainty in her heart, yet she still accepted her mission.

In the same way, let us pray for courage to be content with uncertainty, trust that God is with us, and practice listening for when God speaks in clarity.

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