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Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison fosters spiritual growth for students seeking faith, identity and fellowship within the Catholic Church. Weekly meetings include prayer, singing praise, and other social and spiritual activities.Learn More

Young Adults and Graduate Students (YAGS)

Even Sundays and Recent Grads Thursdays

Join us for lunch and discussion on the even Sundays of the month after the 12:30 Mass.

If you are 21-27, join the Recent Grads Thursday Night gatherings in Roetter Hall at 7:30 PM.Learn More

Faculty and Staff

Interested in Starting a Group?

Are you looking for fellow UCSD faculty and staff members to join in fellowship? A periodic meeting over coffee is being considered. Check back for more information.


Small Church Communities

Interested in discussing the upcoming Sunday’s readings and how to apply them to your life? Then consider joining a Small Church Community.Learn More