Message From the Director

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Newman Center Catholic Community at UC San Diego has been blessed with a wonderful community and beautiful facility. Building a secure future for our Catholic outreach to UC San Diego involves your ongoing financial support.

A Challenge. Your generous weekly contributions and occasional larger donations allow us year after year to continue providing quality ministry. In the wake of financial recovery by our Diocese of San Diego and our nation, weekly giving and other donations have gone down.

Your Past and Future Success. The “Building Tomorrow” campaign helped us take the pressure off of our operating expenses for the last three to four years. Our new “Going Deeper” campaign will enable us to meet our budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year and beyond.

What’s more, “Going Deeper 2015 and Beyond” will help our community build an active and visible culture of financial giving so that we can create and sustain the following: a staff development position to reach out to alumni and wealthy donors; administrative support for large gifts; and a large endowment to protect and secure our future.

A Time for Faith. My intent is the opposite of encouraging panic. My hope is that “Going Deeper 2015 and Beyond” will help us stay positive about our blessings and embrace fundraising as something good, as an opportunity to grow in faith.

Our Diocese Reassures Us. I am committed to this community and to our success in these fundraising efforts. I have also received a letter of support from the Diocese that says, “Potential donors should be reassured that, in accord with civil and canon law, funds can only be used for the purpose specified by the donors. Funds deposited by the Newman Center Catholic Community at the Diocese are held in trust for use only by the Newman Center.”

What You Can Do. It is with all of this in mind that I ask everyone in our community to prayerfully consider raising their weekly donation, and for those who may be able to help with large donations, to please do so. Automated monthly contributions can be made via Parish Pay.

Inviting Other Support. I have no expectations of our community members to support us with huge donations. I know that this type of assistance needs to come from outside of our community, and I am prepared to do what I can to secure these gifts with the support of those gifted with the talent and connections to facilitate such efforts.

I thank you for your ongoing support of the Newman Center and pray that together we will find a way to ease our financial concerns so that we can carry on the great ministry entrusted to us.

Peace and Blessings,
Fr. Dominic DeLay, OP
Director Newman Center Catholic Community at UC San Diego

“The Kingdom of heaven is in our midst” Luke 17:21

Give Via Parish Pay

In response to the community’s desire to have an electronic way to financially support the mission of the Newman Center Catholic Community at UCSD, the Stewardship and Finance committees are pleased to introduce ParishPay. At you may easily (in less than three minutes) set up electronic payment for your church offering. Monthly, but not weekly, donations are possible, as are one time donations to specific causes.

To enroll in Parish Pay, visit the website. From there, create an account or log in and then make a one time donation or use the donations tab to set up a monthly donation.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Donate via Parish Pay