frdominicMy childhood pursuit of the arts, especially music, led me to become a Dominican friar and priest. As a music student at Occidental College in Los Angeles, I wanted to have some sort of unique experience the summer before I graduated, so I joined a group of musicians studying Gregorian chant for a couple weeks at a monastery in France. It turned out I was also seeking a spiritual experience. I had returned to Sunday Mass during my junior year after being away from it my sophomore year, and the Gregorian chant trip sealed my return to the Church. I even thought I might be called to monastic life, but then I discovered the balanced life of prayer, study, and action of the Dominican chaplains at Occidental.

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Newman Center Catholic Community at UCSD as director now. It’s such a blessing to have served here at UCSD as the associate director with my friend and classmate Fr. John Paul, who is moving to the University of Arizona.

He and I will still be a singing duo, Black & White. Some of you also know our other classmate, Fr. Daniel, who is a magician. Together, we are Torch3m: Dominican Movies, Music, and Magic. At, you can find out more and sign up for our thought-provoking monthly newsletter.

I am so looking forward to walking in faith with you all this year.

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