Student Ministers

sm-groupStudent Ministry is the principal undergraduate leadership team who dedicates time, energy, talent, and prayer in order to serve the Newman Center. Every year, students are chosen by our director to facilitate the overall vision of the committees and to act as coordinators, mentors, leaders and friends to the students at UC San Diego. These Student Ministers (SMs) connect young people to Christ. They achieve this by providing a place where students can be known and encouraged during their collegiate years. We exist to reach new students every day and help them develop an authentic relationship with Christ by knowing, experiencing, studying, and sharing God with their world.

Meet the Student Ministers

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council (PC) is an advisory body of the Newman Center Catholic Community at UCSD. The purpose of the PC is to:
  1. Provide spiritual leadership to the Community by maintaining and implementing the Mission of the Community on behalf of the members of the Community.
  2. Serve as a visionary direction setting body for the Community by advising and assisting the Pastoral Staff in formulating policy to guide the Community toward the Objectives of the Mission of the Community
  3. Plan for the future of the Community by discerning priorities and setting goals based on the needs and resources of the Community and the needs of the Diocese, the University community, and the world. 

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Finance Council

The Finance/Stewardship Council is made up of three to five members, who examine, consult, and help to facilitate effective strategies to grow, protect, and foster good stewardship of the Newman Center Catholic Community’s finances. They do this at the invitation of the Director of the Newman Center and report directly to him. The finance council is responsible for overseeing such programs as Parish Pay, ‘Going Deeper and Beyond’ – our annual fundraiser, consulting with the Director and Business Manger over the annual budget, (as needed), as well as presenting updates to the Newman Center Community – on our financial situation and new initiatives.

The members of the Finance Council are:

Tom Cosgrove, Co-chair
Jeanie Davis, Co-chair
John Fisher

Meet the Finance Council