Student Ministry is the principal undergraduate leadership team who dedicates time, energy, talent, and prayer in order to serve the Newman Center. Every year, students are chosen by our director to facilitate the overall vision of the committees and to act as coordinators, mentors, leaders and friends to the students at UC San Diego. These Student Ministers (SMs) connect young people to Christ. They achieve this by providing a place where students can be known and encouraged during their collegiate years. We exist to reach new students every day and help them develop an authentic relationship with Christ by knowing, experiencing, studying, and sharing God with their world.

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee plans liturgical events to experience, revitalize, and deepen the faith of everyone in the community. We celebrate Masses throughout the year and plan on-campus Masses for the student community, including Candlelight and On-Campus Masses. We also provide opportunities for liturgical ministry and music ministry.


Patty StewartPastoral Associate for Faith Formation and Administration and Staff Advisor
Vincent AbalosStudent Minister
Gracia InnocentiaStudent Minister

Faith Formation Committee

The Faith Formation Committee creates opportunities to explore Catholic faith and church teachings to grow in love and understanding. We provide fellowship and group prayer events throughout the year, and host discussions and educational events conducted by guest speakers and expert panels, encouraging exploration of faith with open minds.


Patty StewartPastoral Associate for Faith Formation and Administration and Staff Advisor
Coralys MuñozStudent Minister
Tammy TranStudent Minister

Community Life Committee

The Community Life Committee builds strong ties within the faith community by providing regular social gatherings outside of Mass. We host Thursday Night Dinners, facilitate intramural sports, and fall and winter quarter retreats. We are always open to new ideas to strengthen friendship and learning throughout the week.

Josh SykesPastoral Assistant for Student and Young Adult Ministry and Staff Advisor
Valentín GarcíaStudent Minister
Irani TinioStudent Minister

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee helps each community member discern and answer his or her call to live their faith through action. By recognizing Jesus in our neighbors, we can extend our hearts and our faith towards helping them experience Jesus’ love. With the help of our Burundi, Border, Barrio project, we act to follow the role that Jesus set for us.


Fr. Dominic DeLay, OPDirector and Staff Advisor
Julia BrownStudent Minister
Gabriel NguyenStudent Minister

Communications Committee


David VacchiBusiness Manager and Staff Advisor
Joy NwaruezeStudent Minister
Bowen LinStudent Minister

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee gathers everyone in the Catholic faith so that we may come together as a family on and off campus. We invite students to fellowship, and welcome new and returning members of the community to join us by being present and accessible. We serve as liaisons to the CCC, CES, and CSI.


Fr. Dominic DeLay, OPDirector and Staff Advisor
Maria MirandaStudent Minister
David TuStudent Minister