Mission statement

The Catholic Community at UC San Diego experiences Christ’s presence in Word, Eucharist and one another. We seek to build the reign of God by sharing our faith in Jesus Christ as well as by extending welcome, embracing diversity, and responding to others with compassion.

Newman Center Logo

logo300pxOur logo was created through a collaborative effort with the Pastoral Council, the Staff and Student Ministers. We are most grateful for each and every effort made to create this symbol. Find below a description of each quadrant of the logo.

  • Upper left: Giesel Library at UC – symbol of the university, higher learning
  • Upper right: Dog with a flaming torch in its mouth, symbol of the Dominican Order – “Domini Canes” or “Hounds of the Lord” – and the light of God’s truth being proclaimed.
  • Lower right: The sun and its rays: a symbol of San Diego: beautiful weather, clear skies, the beaches, and the University of California motto: “let there be light” and Christ our light.
  • Lower left: The Kairos (καιρός), from the Ancient Greek, used in the New Testament meaning “the appointed time in the purpose of God”, the time when God acts (e.g. Mark 1:15), and Cardinal John Newman symbol: “heart speaking to heart”. The dialogue of faith, reason, and community.