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Physician-Assisted Suicide Proponents Aim to Remove Safeguards

By |March 26th, 2021|

Updated (06/07/2021): The State Senate approved this bill and it’s now in the State Assembly.

With doctor-assisted suicide being legal in California for only a few years, proponents say the law is working and now want to eliminate important safeguards and reduce the trial-period they initially said were needed to help protect Californians from abuse and misuse of the law. The safeguards that new legislation looks to repeal could not come at a worse time, when pandemic-related depression and anxiety are at record levels.

Please click here to call your state Assemblymember or click here to email her/him and strongly urge a NO vote on SB 380.

Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants & TPS Holders

By |June 15th, 2021|

Over 11 million people in the U.S. remain undocumented without a pathway to legal status, and many others face obstacles to attaining or maintaining legal status. Undocumented immigrants, DACA recipients, and Temporary Protected Status holders are members of our community, see this country as home, and work as hard as U.S. citizens to make their communities better places to live. Both Senators Feinstein and Padilla have co-sponsored the U.S. Citizenship Act (S.348) and SECURE Act (S.306). Senator Padilla introduced the Citizenship for Essential Workers Act (S.747), but Senator Feinstein has yet to co-sponsor it. Neither Senators Feinstein nor Padilla have co-sponsored the bipartisan Dream Act (S.264).

Click here to ask Senators Feinstein and Padilla to create a pathway to citizenship for these members of our community in order to ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect.

Oppose the Equality Act

By |February 24th, 2021|

Updated (02/25/2021): legislation passed the House

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. The Equality Act, which is coming up for a vote in the Senate soon, in many ways does the opposite. The Catholic Church is the largest non-governmental provider of human services in the United States, helping millions of Americans in need through its parishes, schools, hospitals, shelters, legal clinics, food banks, and charities.  Our core beliefs about the dignity of the human person and the wisdom of God’s design motivate both our positions on marriage, life, and sexuality, and our call to serve those most in need and the common good. The Equality Act directly undermines the Church’s ability to fulfill that call.

Click here to ask Senators Feinstein and Padilla to oppose this legislation.

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