The Newman Center Catholic Community enthusiastically welcomes our newest members! No matter where you’ve come from, this is your home. Wherever we gather on campus or off, we are your home, and you are ours. Whether you’re Catholic or not, your presence is gratefully received.

You’ve arrived in the midst of a great year for us, our 50th anniversary year, our jubilee year, a year of favor from God. Our community was founded shortly after the university was founded, and we have contributed to its growth and enrichment, to its pursuit of truth and goodness.

God has gifted the Newman Center Catholic Community at UCSD with your presence at this time in our history so that you might grow in faith, hope, and love and help the rest of us to grow as well; so that you might discover ever more deeply God’s faith in, hope for, and love of you and reveal God to the rest of us in new ways; so that together we might proclaim ever more clearly with our lives God’s favor and compassion.


Fr. Dominic DeLay, OP Director