My Dearest Brothers and Sisters, It has been nothing short of an honor, a blessing, and a privilege to serve the Newman Center Catholic Community at UC San Diego, Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, and the Village Community Presbyterian Church throughout my time here.  The instant I stepped foot on our Christian Corner, I was absolutely enamored. From that day forward, I have never stopped falling deeper and deeper in love with this community and all that we stand for. My experiences here will remain in my heart throughout my life – from serving as a Student Minister, greater intensifying my love of all things liturgy, to serving as Communication Coordinator, traversing the ins and outs of what it means “to be church” every day; from joining my voice with yours in songs of praise and thanksgiving to making sure we had perfectly presented publications which enabled us to join our hearts in worship. I firmly believe that God is the ever present author of our lives. The quantity and quality of time that I spent here has been just right. Lifelong friends and hard-learned life lessons have shaped my journey here. These past five years in San Diego have been filled with such beauty, grace, and love. I’ve been blessed to cross paths with you, the most extraordinary and wonderful children of God whose impact has changed my life for the better. It is in each of you that I see the majesty and glory of Heaven, the very Presence of God, the true Beatific Vision. I leave you with my prayer below, a Kiddush for Companionship and Love, a prayer of blessing to God who gives us all good things. May God, who has begun this good work in us, bring it to completion, keeping us ever mindful of His Will and opening our hearts to love and be loved.  

Peace, blessings, and love,

Vincent Fung Communications Coordinator

  Kiddush for Companionship and Love Blessed are You, Lord God of love, for You have given us hearts which yearn for companionship and the bond of love that can be found between human hearts, immortal souls, and between us and You. You have given us greater abundance than we could ever be worthy of, and You have made us Your own. And so we know that, no matter near or far away from each other –      when separated by distance, we will never truly be apart, for in our love, therein lies You, who are our Lord and our God,      who have given us all good things. O God, You call us to relationship; You call us to love; You call us to the greatest adventure of life –      a life which we live wholeheartedly,      a life in which we give of ourselves so easily,           so that in doing so,           our hearts may be nurtured           and healed           and made whole,                and so made ready for Your greatness,                Your love, Your light, Your compassion, Your mercy,                Your ever loving presence. You give us hearts, Lord, which yearn for companionship and love because we yearn for You, who are our great companion, and who are Love itself. Blessed are You, Lord God of all love, for You have given us each other. Amen.