Being His Hands Through Build A Miracle

Volunteer to help build a home for a Tijuana family in need.

SIGN UP BY SUNDAY, TBD, for the next build date here.

We will leave the Good Sam/Newman parking lot no later than 7:00am and return approximately by 4:00pm-5:00pm (depends on the border crossing time). If you are able, a $10-$25 donation is requested by Build a Miracle (BAM) to cover the cost of the bus and lunch. We will send detailed information as soon as it is received from BAM, usually a couple days before the build date.

Build Dates
TBD – Mix and pour concrete to build foundation

TBD– Install insulation, metal lathe, and drywall

TBD – Paint and assemble furniture


For more information email Jon Miller or call (619) 990-1526.

Sign-Up Deadline: Please sign-up at least one week prior to the build date.
Age and Skill Level: All ages and skill levels welcome.
Documentation Needed (per Build a Miracle):

Adults U.S. Citizens now need a Passport to cross back into the USA.
Children under 16 without a passport can present an original or copy of their birth certificate. Contact Jon Miller, (619) 990-1526, to confirm documentation needed.

More About Build A Miracle:
Build a Miracle is a non-profit organization that raises funds and builds homes for needy families in Tijuana, Mexico. These families cobble together shelters made from discarded wood, tarps, and other scrap objects. Often, their toilets and kitchens are outdoors and unsanitary. Children share beds and entire families live in a single room with a dirt floor. Through the efforts of Build a Miracle, and sponsors like Good Samaritan and the Newman Center at UCSD, hundreds have been rescued from these living conditions.

$25 Pays for one square foot of a home for a family
$13,000 Pays for an entire 3 bedroom home
$100% Of your donation goes towards building home or education

The process of building a home starts with our volunteers mixing concrete to pour the pads. Then skilled workers add electrical, plumbing, and the roof. Then our volunteers install the insulation, metal lathe, drywall, and paint. The program is set up so that people of any age or skill level can experience the joy of helping others.

There will be three different build dates, see above. You can sign-up for one or all build dates up to one week prior to the build date.

Get more information about Build a Miracle and their programs. Donations can be made to Good Samaritan Episcopal Church with Build a Miracle in the memo line.