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Fall Retreat – 10/3/2015

You know that feeling when you don’t really know anyone, but it’s welcome week so you attend random events like “Boba Night for Sixth College or “BONDfire at La Jolla Shores.” It’s that feeling of being social and spontaneous that students get at the beginning of the year before realizing that the next few weeks of the quarter are going to be insanely busy.

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Thursday Night Dinner: ¡Fiesta! – 10/1/2015

Who doesn't love free food? I know I do. I used to brag about how I spent $0 on food the first week of school by jumping from free food event to free food event. This included the Welcome Mass BBQ for the Newman Center community to which I would not return and find my home for another three years, but that's a story for another day.

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Welcome Mass – 9/27/2015

Welcome Mass. Always well attended and eagerly anticipated. It marks the official beginning of ministry for the school year: meeting new people, making new friends, connecting with our fellow pilgrims. Each year students, residents, newcomers, old-timers, the regular, and the occasional of our community starts another journey of growth.

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