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Christmas Vigil

Today, draw on the significance of Christ's birth to us. We can find comfort in knowing that Jesus was once just like us. He faced difficulties in his life, just as we do today. Jesus' love surpasses all. He wants to help each of us in our daily struggles. Even as we prepare to rejoice in his birth, we can remember to ask him to be with us in our troubles, both large and small. Matthew 1:18-25. Read more

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Fourth Sunday of Advent Our anticipation is at its height! As we start the fourth week of Advent, we light the last purple candle. In anticipation of Christmas, let's feel the love of the season even more deeply. Luke 1:26-38. Read more

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Third Sunday of Advent This week, we light the pink candle in our Advent wreath. This candle reminds us that, even though Advent is a penitential season, joy is also all around us. Read more

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First Sunday of Advent As we light the first purple candle of our Advent wreath, let's focus on the hope we have in the coming of the Lord. Remember, the angel's visit to Mary at the annunciation got things started. This week we walk with Mary as we prepare, alongside her, for the coming of our Savior. Mark 13:33-37

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Director’s Message

The Newman Center Catholic Community enthusiastically welcomes you!

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Farewell from Vincent

I’ve been blessed to cross paths with you, the most extraordinary and wonderful children of God whose impact has changed my life for the better. It is in each of you that I see the majesty and glory of Heaven, the very Presence of God, the true Beatific Vision.

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Fall Retreat – 10/3/2015

You know that feeling when you don’t really know anyone, but it’s welcome week so you attend random events like “Boba Night for Sixth College or “BONDfire at La Jolla Shores.” It’s that feeling of being social and spontaneous that students get at the beginning of the year before realizing that the next few weeks of the quarter are going to be insanely busy.

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