The Student Ministry team dedicates their time, energy, talent, and prayer to be Servant Leaders of the Newman Center. Their mission, starting in 1966, is to build a community that grows in friendship, faith, and service. As leaders of their ministry, they act as coordinators, facilitators, mentors, and friends. They steward a community that is welcoming to all, embraces diversity, and serves others with compassion. A community where all can develop an authentic relationship with Christ by knowing, experiencing, studying, and sharing God with one another.

Liturgy and Music Committee

Karla Hernandez
Karla HernandezCoordinator of Liturgy and Music
Philip Li
Philip LiCoordinator of Liturgy and Music
Waverley Achacoso
Waverley AchacosoCoordinator of Liturgy and Music
Matthew Tu
Matthew TuCoordinator of Liturgy and Music

The Liturgy Committee creates spaces and opportunities for people to pray and worship, primarily through Eucharistic celebrations and other sacraments. We celebrate Masses throughout the year and plan on-campus Masses for the student community. We also provide opportunities for liturgical ministry and music ministry.

Spirituality Committee

Ashlee Estrada
Ashlee EstradaCoordinator of Spirituality
Brian Nguyen
Brian NguyenCoordinator of Spirituality
JP Onza
JP OnzaCoordinator of Spirituality

The Spirituality Committee engages students to grow in their Catholic faith, both spiritually and intellectually. We put on group prayer events throughout the year such as adoration and accompany students in their journey with Christ.

Social Justice Committee

Ashly Nicole Leos
Ashly Nicole LeosCoordinator of Social Justice
Maddie Yamamoto
Maddie YamamotoCoordinator of Social Justice
Roberto Haro
Roberto HaroCoordinator of Social Justice

The Social Justice Committee helps each community member discern and answer his or her call to live their faith through action. By recognizing Jesus in our neighbors, we can extend our hearts and our faith towards helping them experience Jesus’ love. We do this by coordinating and participating in events that spread the love of God through action and improve the well-being of those less fortunate both locally and across the border.

Community Life Committee

Audrey Kunz
Audrey KunzCoordinator of Community Life
Ryan Nakanishi
Ryan NakanishiCoordinator of Community Life

The Community Life Committee builds strong ties within the faith community by providing regular social gatherings outside of Mass. We host Thursday Night Dinners and facilitate intramural sports and retreats. We are always open to new ideas to strengthen friendship and learning throughout the week.

Outreach Committee

Sofia De La Cruz
Sofia De La CruzCoordinator of Outreach
Liliana Erazo
Liliana ErazoCoordinator of Outreach
Rebecca Esquivel
Rebecca EsquivelCoordinator of Outreach

The Outreach Committee promotes and publicizes Newman’s mission, programs, and events and coordinates outreach to new students, Religious Organizations, and the Greater UCSD Community.

Christian Life Community (CLC) Committee

Anabel Arreguin
Anabel ArreguinCoordinator of Christian Life Community (CLC)
Jerry Zhang
Jerry ZhangCoordinator of Christian Life Community (CLC)
Melanie Reyes
Melanie ReyesFacilitator of Christian Life Community (CLC)
Rosalinda Blancarte
Rosalinda BlancarteFacilitator of Christian Life Community (CLC)
Michael Hench
Michael HenchFacilitator of Christian Life Community (CLC)
Rollen Ellsworth
Rollen EllsworthFacilitator of Christian Life Community (CLC)
Ulises Rodriguez
Ulises RodriguezFacilitator of Christian Life Community (CLC)
Adrian Lira
Adrian LiraFacilitator of Christian Life Community (CLC)

The Christian Life Community (CLC) Committee provides opportunities for others to grow in faith through small groups and 1:1.