Mission Statement

We, the Pastoral Council, are united in Christ to build and encourage the community, to bring God’s light to the world through service and sharing our Catholic faith, creating a welcoming home in our community and wherever we may go.


The Pastoral Council (PC) is an advisory body of the Newman Center Catholic Community at UCSD. The purpose of the PC is to:

  1. Provide spiritual leadership to the community by maintaining and implementing the mission of the Newman Center on behalf of the members of the community.
  2. Serve as a visionary direction-setting body for the community by advising and assisting the pastoral staff in formulating policies to guide the community in line with its mission.
  3. Plan for the future of the community by discerning priorities and setting goals based on the needs and resources of the community and the needs of the diocese, the university community, and the world.


The Pastoral Council meets bi-monthly in Roetter Hall. Stay tuned to Newman News and Mass announcements for the exact dates.

Feel free to contact the Pastoral Council with any suggestions or concerns that you may have. Please include “Agenda” in the subject if you are submitting an item to be placed on the agenda of an upcoming Pastoral Council meeting.

Contact The PC


Brian Buesker
Chair, Resident Community Representative
Kelly Hunter
YAGS Community Representative
Angela Geronimo
Student Community Representative
Rob McGuinness
YAGS Community Representative
Eric Ponce
Student Community Representative
Katherine Connor
Resident Community Representative
Denny Tran
YAGS Community Representative
Anna Stangl
Student Community Representative
Bill Mittendorff
Resident Community Representative
William Butler
Student Community Representative