Christian Life Community (CLC) Ministry Team Application

Christian Life Community (CLC) at UCSD is a group of students building a community of friends in the Lord, finding God in all things, and discerning our callings in life. We focus on prayer, community, and service through the lens of Ignatian spirituality.

The CLC Ministry Team consists of Small Group Facilitators, Student Ministers (SMs), and the Advisor. Their responsibilities are as follows:

Small Group Facilitators

  • Grow in their own journeys of faith,
  • Gather their small faith sharing groups to meet weekly,
  • Plan each meeting in the spirit of CLC and Ignatian Spirituality,
  • Foster an atmosphere of openness and trust through an attentiveness to each group member,
  • Explore opportunities to integrate service into the daily life of the members, and encourage a common, ongoing mission as it emerges for the group,
  • Call forth the gifts of group members and empower them for service and leadership, and
  • Work with the Student Ministers and Advisor to be more attentive to supporting the group’s ongoing growth

Student Ministers

  • Grow in their own journeys of faith,
  • Participate in the various small faith sharing groups,
  • Recruit, train, and provide ongoing support for the Small Group Facilitators,
  • Coordinate events for all members of the organization including but not limited to retreats, community-building events, and service opportunities, and
  • Serve as the link between the small faith sharing groups and the Newman Center Catholic Community at UCSD


  • Provide resources for spiritual and leadership formation for both the Ministry Team members and their accompaniment of the small faith sharing group members and
  • Connect the Ministry Team with other university CLC groups and the National Christian Life Community of the United States of America

Thank you for considering serving the Newman community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Christopher.