Student Minister Application

Dear Prospective Member of the Student Ministry Team,

Thank you for considering serving the Newman community as a member of the Student Ministry (SM) team next year. We are delighted that you are considering this way of servant leadership. Below are suggestions to help you make a good, prayerful decision:


Take some time over the next few days or so to pray about this possibility.

Here’s one way After quieting yourself for prayer, ask for the grace of openness and generosity. Imagine yourself being at your favorite place, a place where you feel at home and are receptive. Imagine yourself in Jesus’ presence and serving the Newman community. Notice any feelings that arise, especially those that move you positively or negatively.

Ask yourself What are my unique gifts and talents? How is Jesus inviting me to use my gifts to serve the needs of the Newman community?


Read and pray over what it means to be on the Student Ministry Team

If helpful, talk with a current Student Minister and pray about it. Then, make a tentative decision.


If you feel at peace, then fill out the Student Ministry Application Form.

Important dates.

Applications due Sunday, April 28
Interviews April 29 – May 9
Applicants notified by Monday, May 13
Mandatory Student Minister Orientation Day Saturday, May 18, from 8:00am – 10:00pm at the Newman Center

Again, thank you for considering serving the Newman community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Boom.

United with Christ on mission,

Newman Center staff